Country Winds Farm, Goat Shares, and Creamery LLC

Raw Goat Milk, Farmstead Goat Cheese and Products, Organic, Natural, Grassfed, Grade A, Rotated Pasture, and no drugs, vaccinations or hormones.

Goat Shares for Raw Goat Milk & Farmstead Goat Cheese

Country Winds Creamery LLC

 We are a farmstead goat operation with our own Grade A dairy parlor and creamery. All our goats are raised on the farm in a closed herd for disease negativity.  Our goats are raised with negative practices also.  A farmstead is a farm where they raised their own goats, milk their own goats, raise their hay, 7 rotated pastures, compost our own manure for fertilizer, and make the products right on the farm.  As soon as the milk is cold enough in the bulk tank it is taken into our state of the art creamery and made into cheese where we can watch our girls graze.  We also offer goat shares year round from our herd so you can get all your raw goat milk needs.  Once you own a share you board your animal on our farm to receive your raw goat milk.  We offer goat milk and kefir grains.  We will show you how to make other products like cheese, butter, etc... 

Our animals are fed organic and Non GMO food.  We raise our own alfalfa with organic practices.  We compose our manure and that is what we use for fertilizer.  The animals also fertilize for us when they graze.  They have pasture available every day which is rotated.  We do not vacinate or treat our animals with any antibiotics or hormones.  We test our animals and have a negative herd.  Our dairy palor is grade A and milking is done with a closed milking system.  Each animal is washed before milking, then sanitized, stripped, and sanitized again.  The solutions are environmentally safe and friendly. Then we milk them with a closed looped pipeline which is self cleaning.  The milk goes through the filtration system, plate cooler, and then the bulk tank.

Due to a bad car accident and cancer we started with 3 goats in 1997 to raise our own food and milk for us, family and friends.  It made us better and people started to ask us if they could have some.  Now we have many people with several testimonials about how the goat milk has improved or made them healthy.  We are recommended by several doctors for their patients with many different aliments. 

Other products we have available are our Country Winds Creamery LLC goat milk cheeses, raw milk (share program), goat milk soap, and organic and grass fed chicken.   

Tours and visits are by appointment.  We are closed on Sunday. 

Check us out on our facebook page for for more information, photos, and events.  You can also buy our cheeses at Harvest Health Hudsonville, Eataly (Chicago), and the farm.  You can also find it at Bistro Bella Vita, Butch's (Holland), Boatwerks (Holland), Wolfgaand other fine restaurants. 


Certified Naturally Grown


Production is up this time of year for the goat share program for the raw goat milk. We are able to sign up new members now.  We do farm tours by appointment. Please call or email us to set up a time and day.   Thank you


Share milk pickup is self serve from 8 am to 8 pm.  Tours and visit are by appointment please call or email to make a time.  Tours for Adults cost is $5.00 each.  Students cost is $3.00 each.  Children under the age of 5 are free.  Tours for new Share Holders are free if you sign up.  We are closed Sundays.