Country Winds Farm, Goat Shares, and Creamery LLC

Raw Goat Milk, Farmstead Goat Cheese and Products, Organic, Natural, Grassfed, Grade A, Rotated Pasture, and no drugs, vaccinations or hormones.


We are a farmstead goat dairy farm, creamery, and goat share operation that has been family owned and operated since 1997.  Starting with just 3 goats for our daughters for 4H we started to drink the milk.  My husband's acid reflux went away.  Our daughters no longer had colds, flu, viruses, eczema, asthma, and ear infections.  Due to a car accident and cancer I started to drink it and I got better.  Family and friends started to drink it and they saw noticable changes in their health.  More people started to want it and we grew from there. Now we have many families that get their goat products from us by buying into the share program and boarding their animals on the farm. 

When we started we milk the goats on wooden stanchions.  Now we milk 8 on each side in a swing parlor that can do 16 at a time on a metal platform to keep dirt and other containments out of the milk.  We use a closed looped milking system that keeps out any bad exposure due to open air milking.  All the animals are washed and dried before milking and then dipped to insure cleanliness.  They are dipped after for protection of dirt getting into the teat. The products we use are environmental friendly and safe.  We are a grade A dairy.  We do this as means to take every precaution to insure sanitary conditions. 

Our animals are fed our organically and naturally raise alfafa.  That is their main diet.  They get pasture every day all day.  We also rotate the pasture.  We do not vacinate our animals.  They are not treated with any drugs, hormones, or antibiotics.  If one does get sick we pull the animal from the milking line for 30 days due to treatment. 

Our many share holders recommend us to other people for their goat milk needs.  We are also recommended by doctors in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, and Grand Haven. 

We always have extra milk in the spring, summer, and fall months so in August of 2012 we got our Country Winds Creamery LLC up and running.  We have made goat cheese for years in our kitchen, but now we have our own facility.  The cheese we make are Chevre, flavored Chevre, Crottin, and Feta.  We will continue to expand into other cheeses.  Harvest Health and Saburba sells them on their shelf.  We also sell them at farmers markets.  Cherry Capital Foods LLC and WM Farmlink also distrubs them for us. 

We continue to grow and change to improve all of our methods.  We started this due to health reasons now we do it to keep us health, to also help our share holders, and local foodies to be healthy.  Happy Goat Milk and Cheese eating and drinking!