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Quotes Hi Mary- I just wanted to let you know that we are so thankful for your goat farm operation, it provided amazing nutrients to our 3 children and we have made it through the winters with nothing more than a sniffle or cough. We will continue to send families your way, you guys are awesome! Thanks again, The Maier Family (Phil, Justine, Elise, Corbin and Silvie) Quotes
Maier Family
Thanks for helping our children

Quotes Thanks for supplying us with the milk. I've so enjoyed getting aquatinted with your cheese, which is all excellent. & delicious. You guys so an excellent job with everything you endeavor--some pekoe just can't help but strive for excellence. It can be exhausting but it really is a major value of yours. Thanks! Anja Quotes
Anja Mast
Trillium Farm Owner

Quotes "We joined Mary's goat share when our son was a few months old and was struggling with eczema and allergies. Mary was an expert on the benefits of raw goat milk. She took the time to show us her farm, where the goats were milked, and showed us the precautions taken to ensure the safest and best quality milk. We could always count on the milk being available when we needed it! Mary was very easy to work with and available to answer any questions when needed. I would highly recommend anyone that is seeking the benefits of raw goat milk to contact Mary!" Quotes
Heather Cook
·Production and Inventory Control Manager at Fleetwood Group, In

Quotes And thank you for doing this whole goat milk thing. It is my "medicine" for my acid reflux. I have felt a huge difference in how I feel since I have started on the goat's milk. I am flying to Texas in September to spend time with my parents, and I am thinking about shipping to their house, because I don't want to feel lousy when I am there. It is really amazing. Thank you God for goats! Lauri Quotes
Goat Share Holder

Quotes We came to tour the farm when my son was 5 months old. He had severe food allergies and eczema. He was having reactions to breastmilk - and we could not pinpoint what it was that he could not tolorate. He could not tolorate ANY formula. I did some research and found the benefits of Goat Milk. He is now a year old and his eczema is managable because of the goat milk. We had great Customer Service with Country Winds. It was very easy to arrange different pick up days etc. when going on vacation. Quotes
Share Holder

Quotes We moved to this side of the state over three years ago and were wondering how we were going to eat as healthy as we thought we were. Finding Mary and having the opportunity to have raw goats milk in my diet is an amazing gift. I have chronic health issues and I do believe the choices I am making in my diet is helping me stay as problem free as I have been. The benefit of raw goat?s milk is well documented. Goats? milk is as close to breast milk as you can get. We have a smoothie just about every morning using our goats milk. We also use Mary?s free range eggs so we can put a raw egg in our drink. I wouldn?t trust using any other eggs since I know they are fresh. But, again, raw is much healthier for you. We are so fortunate to have so many resources in this area to eat foods that are so good for us. I am so thankful and grateful for Mary and her family and all the hard work they put into their farm so we can have these choices. Barb Schmitt Quotes

Quotes When we had our first daughter in 2009 I began breastfeeding but she really struggled with digestive problems and would scream after every feeding. I cut gluten and dairy out of my diet which helped, however my milk production dropped significantly. Our chiropractor recommended the Windemuller's farm telling me that he believes they have the best quality of milk in the area. Our daughter did amazing once we started giving her goat milk! We are now facing a similar situation with our second daughter and are following the same course. I was so thankful to find and healthy and more beneficial alternative to formula for our kids. Thank you John and Mary for helping us keep our kids healthy! Quotes
Lauren DeRuiccher
Share Holder and Satisfied Mom

Quotes I drink goat milk because I enjoy drinking milk and with cow's milk I would experience stomach pain and fast trips to the rest room. I know, too much information right. Well honestly I almost gave up milk completely but with goat milk I don't have to. Quotes
Joel Vaughn
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Quotes My Grandson was also having problems with digesting cows milk formulas, > soy as well.The pediatrician said "NO" to goats milk and gave him zantac > liquid for infants. He continued vomiting,never slept more then short naps > and became very thin and pale in color. I contacted a woman who had dairy > goats and decided to try raw goats milk for this baby.{James was only five > months old.} The first night he slept six hours! He stopped vomiting > inabout two weeks and he became a plump,pink happy baby! My husband and I > are now goat owners. I have recently recommended goats milk to another new > mom with a similar story. > Quotes
Goat Owner

Quotes While we remain firm believers in the benefits of nursing, we are amazed at how goat's milk has helped our five and half month old daughter Naomi. Unlike our two and half year old son, Naomi would scream all evening and spit up continuously. It was clear she was in pain and so we tried various avenues to bring her some relief. Melissa altered her diet, we consulted our pediatrician and Naomi went on Prevacid, but nothing made a dent in her spit up and pain. Finally, a week and a half ago, we switched Naomi onto goat's milk. The transformation has been a miracle. Two days after starting the milk she had her first solid bowel movement, up to that point she only ever had liquid poop. And most importantly, she spits up half as much and half as often, and her demeanor has improved. We wished we would have switched sooner, but are grateful for the changes we are now experiencing. Thank you John and Mary! Quotes
Jeff Roessing
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