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Quotes I just wanted to tell you how your milk has helped me. This is my 4th week on the milk. I'm actually still in shock about the changes it's made in my body! I am not getting "gut rot", for lack of a better term, every time I eat. I used to be gassy and crampy after every meal and I would just drink a little milk and in about 20 min it neutralized my gut. That was the 1st week. Now I'm not getting sick at all. I ate Thanksgiving meal this year and for the 1st time in probably 10 years I didn't feel awful afterwards. I just wanted to let you know that I am thankful for you and your family for following your beliefs and convictions. For doing things the way that God intended it, and also for making it available to others:) Through your family my whole family has been blessed and God is healing me through the milk. Quotes
Christa Conner
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Quotes I drink the milk because it helped me with my brain cancer. I gave it to a friend because he had colon cancer. He is going through chemo and could not keep nothing down. He drank the goat milk and it helped him. He tried cow milk after the goat milk and he could not keep it down. So he went back to the goat milk. Quotes
Mike DeKock
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Quotes After Barb discovered the benefits of raw goats milk, we sought out Mary and her wonderful farm. We have been drinking raw goats milk exclusively for the past 2 1/2 years and have enjoyed the benefits of good health during that entire period. Quotes
Dave & Barb Schmitt
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Quotes We are grateful every day for Country Winds providing our family with the ability to own a share of one of their beloved goats so we can enjoy the healthiest, cleanest, freshest, yummiest, milk we know! We are so grateful to enjoy the many benefits of this milk that is not only fabulously raw, but is also from goats instead of cows. We very much appreciate Country Winds? commitment to providing the purest milk they can by feeding and caring for the animals in the most natural ways known. Our family thoroughly enjoys using our goat milk to make fresh homemade ice cream, kefir, and yogurt. It?s such a comfort providing our family with the best of what we know. We so very much appreciate the professional service we receive from County Winds and are confident that others will find their services impeccable as well!! Deb Weiss-Gelmi and family share holder Quotes
Deb Weiss-Gelmi and family
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Quotes I really believe that drinking goat milk helped me cure my prostrate cancer. Quotes
Don Faass
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